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Arctic Grey Heat Cap

Arctic Grey Heat Cap

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Tired of damaged, over-processed, bleached hair? Is your hair breaking off and doesn't grow beyond a certain point? Ready to get moisture and hydration back into your tresses? 

Introducing the OrchardHowse Heat Cap! This revolutionary heat cap is perfect for anyone looking to treat their split ends, repair damage, and grow, grow, grow! What better way to slay the day than with freshly nourished locks? Forget about the cost it would take going to the salon when achieving dewy blonde tresses or jazzy jewel-toned manes. This heat cap will make sure you have those healthy, bouncy curls in no time! 

The Heat Cap is easy to use with temperature settings already built-in so you don't have to worry about overheating or over-processing your hair. Plus, this nifty gadget is portable enough for any desired location; never be stuck in one place again! Whether you're at home or hitting up the beach, get even coverage on your roots and scalp without needing a stylist Say hello to healthy hair thanks to the self-care design Heat Cap - condition and pamper your strands without having to spend an arm and a leg! 

Add a little oomph into your beauty routine while getting boss results. Deliciously radiant hair awaits you.

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