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Turquoise Tulip Heat Cap

Turquoise Tulip Heat Cap

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The Turquoise Tulip Heat Cap Design – a revolutionary way to condition and hydrate your hair! 

The  Heat Cap is specifically designed to help damaged, over-processed hair that has been exposed to heat styling and bleach. It helps restore lost moisture back into the shaft of each strand of hair – giving you soft, healthy hair with every use. By maintaining proper levels of moisture, it helps repair damage from chemical processes and protect against future damage from styling 

The Heat Cap evenly disperses heat throughout your scalp for optimal conditioning that won’t cause any hotspots or fry your hair like other products on the market. It’s adjustable size allows for customised fitting for any head shape, so you can always feel comfortable when wearing it 

Say goodbye to dry and brittle hair with the Turquoise Tulip Heat Cap – perfectly crafted for the modern woman who takes care of her locks!  

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